fulfilling your destiny mentorship

Have you always known you were created for something more than you’re doing right now? Never took the time to find out who you really are in Christ or what He says about you? Want to help others but just don’t’ know where to begin?

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions it is time to sign up for Fulfilling Your Destiny Mentorship Course. This six-month commitment is a spiritual journey designed to propel you into a more intimate relationship with Christ. It has three sections each 8 weeks long; Past-Present-Future. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Apostle or a new believer everyone who has taken this course walks away with something. You will be joined together with a network of prayer warriors to help you along this journey.

Please contact us for more information it is TIME TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY.

Seeking God ministries


You are not a product of your past! Join us as we explore your past and allow God to heal any areas that might still be hurting. God can use everything we have gone through for His glory, if we allow him full access to heal us from the inside out.

The enemy wants to keep us where we are but God can use our testimony to help others walk through similar circumstances! He will show you that there is hope and wholeness on the other side.


God wants to birth something new inside of you! Together we will explore what passions and gifts God has given you by seeing what you love doing and how it correlates with God's calling in your life whether it be in your church, in the marketplace, or the Kingdom of God.

You were born ON purpose and for a purpose. You will have the chance to discuss how God is moving in your life with our team and we will help guide you wherever God is calling you for this season.


Along with our team, you will have a strategy for how to use the gifts and abilities God has given you to live out your calling through Christ's guidance.

You will receive the tools to propel you forward into your destiny. We will explore different directions you could choose to go in and equip you to thrive in whichever journey you choose. We will be here for you every step of the way. This is the time, this is the season!


common questions

Yes there is a monetary cost to cover materials.
Yes on an as needed basis, looked upon case by case. Contact us for more information. 
Yes, everything stays in the group and is confidential. 
FYD is for anyone who wants a more intimate relationship with Christ. Come as you are, regardless of age. 
Yes, the FYD program can be held online, in person or via teleconference. 
Contact us for more information. Classes typically begin every January. 

Other Services Provided


We would be honored to be a part of your baptism. Baptisms typically last an hour and 30 minutes or longer. 


A wedding is the start of a new exciting journey and we want to be there with you every step of the way. Seeking God Ministries officiates weddings that are typically an hour and a half long, although some are longer or shorter depending on the couples preference. 
We can officiate your wedding indoors or outdoors. 

Speaking Engagements

Seeking God Ministries was started to reach people with the Good News of Jesus, which explains why we are so passionate about sharing the good news any chance we have.
Seeking God Ministries is available to preach, teach, or evangelize at your local church or event
Please contact directly to discuss details. You can do this on the “Contact Us” page.